What's New


Version 3.3.2 (409)20.01.2021

  • Added time stamp to file name when locally saving a screenshot
  • The ability to play sound in video editor
  • Improved mechanism for moving windows
  • Saving the position and size of the selection in the fine-tune mode
  • Video recording window positioning

Version 3.3.0 (403)15.06.2020

  • The ability to fine-tune the selection frame. To do this, press the right mouse button (RMB) at the end of the screen area selection or hold (Shift) while selecting an area.
  • In fine tuning, you can manually enter the exact size of the image capture area or resize using guides.
  • In fine tuning, click on the "Pin" icon to fix the selected area for the following screenshots. Press "Unpin" to disable the fine tuning mode.
  • Automatic zoom setting when working with one or more monitors
  • Added support for the x64 version of the program. It is installed automatically in the 64-bit environment.
  • Record video with maximum FPS frames/sec.
  • Video saving formats have been added. Supported are MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF
  • Clarify the edges of the selected area using the cursor arrows. When selecting an area on the screen, use the cursor arrows without releasing the left mouse button.
  • In order to take a screenshot, added the default combination "Win+~".
  • Added timer to work with the selected folder.
  • Scaling of interface icons has been improved.
  • Screenshots of larger size are improved.
  • Added closing logic by ESC.
  • Ability to test video in Base and Lite versions is added.
  • Added ability to select a default sound source when recording video screencast.
  • Fixed the bug of hiding the black screen when opening the editor for the first time
  • Fixed "Object lock not owned" error on Windows 7
  • Added "Not shown in current session" option for window informing about anonymous use of the program.
  • Improved and optimized program operation.
  • Fixed the "Open" button in the download history.
  • Fixed error of saving the default screenshot format.
  • Fixed the error of displaying coordinates of the selected area.

Version 2.3.3 16.12.2015

  • Scaling mode setting for screen capture (HDPI display support).
  • Scaling mode setting for screen publishing (HDPI display support).
  • Video capture maximum FPS rate increased to 25.
  • Added laternative colors for Marker tool. 4 colors + black + white filling. See video
  • Auto-alternative to Win+A shortcut for Windows 10
  • Bug when drawing objects out of the visible editor area.
  • Bug with incorrect expiration date setting when publishing instantly bypassing image editor.
  • Bug with magnifier turn on/turn off setting.
  • Bug with hints staying visible in image editor.
  • Bug with keeping last selected image format when saving files.
  • Bug with pasting big image from clipboard.
  • Bug with HEX-color showing under cursor

Version 2.3.2 13.07.2015

  • Settings: "Show resulting window after publishing" option returned.
  • Now you can save image from Editor to additional formats: BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO
  • You can open JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO files in Editor right from the Explorer context menu.
  • Alpha-channel (transparency) processing of .PNG files added.
  • Fixed icon tray disappear problem.
  • QR-code problem fixed (when showing after upload).
  • "Do not show publishing result window" setting fixed.

Version 2.3.1 06/24/2015

  • Video: Now you can record video with sound and add voice notes during recording.
  • Settings: Now you can change "Alt+Win+N" hotkey (used to open blank-white image in the Editor).
  • Improved support of HDPI displays.
  • Improved work of "Blur" tool. Now it blurs only background image.
  • Improved of "Numbers" tool in video editor.
  • Alt+Win+N hotkey bug fixed
  • "Show resulting page" setting problem fixed (it was ignored when "Skip editor" was set).
  • Video render problem (when there was a space in destination path) fixed.

Version 2.3.0 06/10/2015

  • History: Open recently published images in editor Watch video
  • Editor: Open blank white canvas in editor (Win+Alt+N) Watch video
  • Horizontal mouse scroll (with Alt pressed)
  • New video editor: Now you can draw and comment right on the video recorded
  • Video record trimming Watch video
  • Slow down/speed up video playback. Could be useful to show some video part slowly in details or speed up not really important parts Watch video
  • Ability to setup cursor indication for video records (simple/yellow highlights/turned off) Watch video
  • Ability to turn on pressed keys indicator during video recording
  • Paste image into video (Ctrl+O). Can be used to insert additional images to video recorded
  • Save video to .gif
  • Settings: Ability to set path to temporary files storage (video recording could require more free space)
  • Resulting code window changed to "Show published image page after upload" option
  • Performance optimization
  • High-resolution display support with image scaling.
  • Image quality improvement during scaling
  • Screenshot publishing to FTP bypassing image editor
  • Paste large image from clipboard into editor

Version 2.2.2 08/12/2014

  • Tray icon click behavior setting added. By default there will be Clip2net actions panel.
  • Hot-keys reset settings added. You can now disable hot-key using settings window.
  • Numbers 0..9 added to the hot-keys set.
  • Short URLs generator. Copy any link to clipboard and publish it using Clip2net to get short link.
  • Folder selection added to the editor panel next to title field.
  • Now you can add title/comment to the gallery or archive when publishing multiple files.
  • Drop Zone position reset bug fixed.
  • Publish folder selection error.
  • Editor window close confirmation fixed.

Version 2.2.1 06/06/2014

  • Clip2net Google Chrome plugin support (Install)
  • Clip2net Mozilla Firefox plugin support (Install)
  • Changing of objects Z-order using "[" and "]" keys
  • Objects highlight in the editor
  • Freehand drawing in the editor
  • Ability to draw objects inside eache other
  • Moving and editing objects by holding Ctrl key
  • Support of Ctrl+Alt+Shift holding together when drawing objects in the editor. You can draw filled object (Ctrl) regular form (Shift) starting from the center (Alt)
  • Link to public gallery from Profile
  • Video slowdown when doing Pause during recording

Version 2.2.0 05/15/2014

  • Ability to use PrtScr for a hot-key
  • Instant publishing of selected area by hot-key (PrtScr by default)
  • Instant copy selected area to the clipboard (Ctrl+Win+A by default)
  • Copy resulting URL to the clipboard instantly (not by the end of upload process)
  • Sharing image to social network using Publish button popup menu
  • Open images in editor from file (.png, .jpg, .bmp) (Alt+Win+O by default)
  • Insert image from file (.png, .jpg, .bmp) into current editor window (Ctrl+O)
  • Ability to turnoff tray notifications
  • Sound alerts
  • Publish image and keep editor open using Alt+Enter or Alt+Click Publish button
  • Change Z-index of object under cursor Ctrl + mouse scroll)
  • Change Z-index of selected object. Level up (Ctrl + ]). Level down (Ctrl + [)
  • Highlight object under cursor.
  • Auto-save copy of published files to specified local folder (can be used for Dropbox or other similar cloud storage synchronization).
  • Image editor performance increased
  • Ability to draw objects inside each other
  • Video preview window performance optimized
  • Bring to top action changed from Ctrl+left mouse button click to Ctrl+middle mouse button click (because of Z-index change by the scroll feature added)
  • Editor tools now support drawing holding Shift (straight figures) and Alt (draw from center) at the same time
  • Upload to own FTP server without archiving
  • Access Violation error in video preview window
  • Error with assigning reserved hot-keys
  • Video recording with higher FPS (20-25) problem
  • Video recording area misplacing near the top of the screen
  • "Argument out of range" error in the image editor
  • Instant upload did not work when selecting image area holding Alt
  • Incorrect URL were provided publishing FLV files

Version 2.1.0 03/24/2014

  • Lite service plan support
  • Video recording and sharing beta
  • Link to "What's new page"
  • "Print" button added to image editor
  • ColorPicker tool
  • Video window can be moved during recodring
  • Video processing indicator
  • Video preview screen
  • Video preview in external player
  • Video file size calculation after preview
  • FLV format support
  • Paste big image using Ctrl+V bug
  • Broken image bug when pasted with Ctrl+V
  • Cursor missing during video recording
  • Carriage return symbol incorrect size in text tools
  • Missing user info on the settings window
  • Memory exceptions during video recording